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We are creating JSR268 HATS portlets for Portal 8.  We have a requirement for users to have multiple instances of a HATS portlet.  There is also a requirement to assign a workstationID to each user.  The workstation ID would be in the form of a mask, and the mask would likely be unique for each user.  We would also like the identifier for each portlet to carry the workstationID that is generated for that portlet.  The generated workstationID can be extracted into a global variable from the sign-on page.

The portlets for each user will be provisioned by an administrator.  We must use a single HATS portlet and have the ability to override the workstationID.  This means that we must have the ability to specify the workstationID at the portlet level either when it is provisioned, or on the fly via some custom code after reading the workstation ID mask from an LDAP directory.

I've looked at a paper written some time ago titled Overriding HATS portlet connection parameters using the WebSphere Portal v6 Advanced URL generation API; however, the technique described does not appear to be applicable to my circumstance.

Since the portlets that will be assigned to a given user will be provisioned by the administrator I am primarily looking for how to specify the workstationID at that time, so that when that portlet is launched the correct workstationID is negotiated with the host iSeries.  However, if it is more appropriate to override the workstationID via custom code we can do that.

(1) Does anyone know how to configure the portlet so that the workstationID is passed as an override?

(2) I believe that there is a Portlet API that can be used to override the portlet title at runtime, but I need some guidance into which API is best and when it must be used to affect the title.


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    If the user has Edit rights to their portlet they can set the workstationID override themselves, if connection overrides have been enabled totally or explicitly for workstationID.