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Pinned topic Determining highest SCR number in 6.4

‏2013-05-20T21:38:14Z | 6.4 dcim number scr

In a non-DCIM database, it is easy to determine the highest SCR number:

ccm query -n probtrac_seed -type admin

ccm attr -s next_problem @1


However, on a DCIM system where the current database started back at 1, instead of starting at some number greater than the previous database, this method will not work. Besides doing a query that returns all SCR numbers in the system, is there a way to determine the highest SCR number for each DCIM database?

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    Re: Determining highest SCR number in 6.4



    There is no built-in function of which I am aware that will return the highest problem number used in the database. You would have to query for all objects of type 'problem' and sort the output numerically:  
    ccm query -t problem -f "%problem_number" -u -ns | sort -nr | head -1