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Pinned topic populating identity settings in SoapRequest node

‏2013-04-18T20:45:26Z |


I am trying to create a flow which needs to call a webservice (lets call it TestWS1). The webservice has WS-security enabled on it. This is fairly simple to test with using soapui and i have verified that it works this way (using username "MyUser" and password "MyPass" with Authentication Type "Global HTTP Settings" and WSS-Password Type "Password Text" in soapui). My flow has a MQInput node which parses an xml message, and then it is passed onto a SoapRequest node to call this webservice TestWS1. 

What is the standard way that this scenario is implemented? 
Should the incoming xml message have the username and password in the body (because thats what the WMB sample suggests)? 
Is there a way to setup a static account in LDAP (using username "MyUser" and password "MyPass") and have WMB use that account to call the webservice? 
I dont want to hardcode the username/password in the esql/java nodes for obvious reasons.