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Pinned topic Logical Split of Documents "by Topic"

‏2014-05-14T08:00:47Z | analytics ica studio



we have got an analytics collections with around 500 documents. They all contain pritty mutch the same categories.

Lets say: Topic A B C

My problem is, when i filter (simple case) on dictonary facet called Topic A (Keywords X Y Z) i still get the full documents and i can't get a Korrelation inside Topic A because i still got all the other Topics in my selection.

My first idea was get an Annotation to the Topics and store it in an index field ... however i stil got the hole document in the result. -> Bad approach.

My second idea is to kind of "pre split" the documents like you get it from a ZIP file:

- Doc 1#topic 1
- Doc 1#topic 2
- Doc 1#topic 3

But how to do that?

Do you have an idea how to realice it or maybe even a better idea?

Thank Chris