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‏2011-05-09T14:18:25Z |
 On April 7, the Object Management Group (, announced the Cloud Standards Customer Council ( to guide how we, as an industry, evolve cloud standards based on real world use cases and experiences.

OMG Press release -

The goal of the initiative is to:
-          Drive user requirements into the standards development process.
-          Establish the criteria for open standards based cloud computing.
-          Deliver content in the form of best practices, case studies, use cases, requirements,         gap analysis and recommendations for cloud standards.

As Cloud Computing continues to evolve it is very important that the cloud remains Open and that there is a process to make cloud standards customer driven.
The membership has grown from 45 at the launch to over 100 members in a very short two weeks. Members represent a variety of industries and geographies all committed to working towards an Open Cloud.
Mel Greer of Lockheed Martin has been appointed the interim chair of the Council’s Steering Committee. Formal elections of the Steering Committee will take place at the first face-to-face meeting on June 21st.
Your support for the Open Cloud Manifesto is appreciated and we see the Cloud Standards Customer Council as an extension of the Manifesto.

You are invited to have your company join the Cloud Standards Customer Council and add your voice and your requirements to the community and become part of a team dedicated to acceleration the adoption of Cloud Computing and ensuring flexibility, portability and interoperability of Cloud services by ensuring that the cloud remains open.
Membership is free for qualified end-user organizations. The membership application is available at Vendors may join as sponsors. For membership or sponsorship questions, contact Ken Berk at or +1-781-444 0404.

Make Cloud Standards Customer Driven.

Look forward to your participation in the Cloud Standards Customer Council.

Thank you, Dave