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‏2013-05-06T21:25:35Z |

I am trying to run the Rational Asset Analyzer in trial in the IBM sandbox but it is SLOW. Just to get the desktop to show the task manager it took 37.7 seconds (I timed it on a stopwatch). Every interaction show a similar poor performance.

Is there a way to speed to response time on the sandbox?

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    Re: Sanbox is slooow



      Are you using Citrix receiver 3.4 , the latest one,  on the window 7 machine. We saw similar slowness using that Citrix receiver. 

    Citrix Receiver 3.4 shows poor performance in some environments and will time out before a connection is made. We recommend unistalling 3.4 and using Citrix 3.3 if this occurs.

     If not Citrix receiver issue. Are you have have this issue all the time or just today's sandbox?  We may need to do some change on our server load.