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Pinned topic RMC 7.5.3 beta now available

‏2017-12-05T21:51:05Z | rmc

I am pleased to announce the release of Rational Method Composer 7.5.3 beta.
This is a fully functional release that is undergoing final testing.
Reply to this forum post to report defects or other feedback.

The release is available here:


Warning: If you have an existing RMC 7.5.2.x installed, it may stop working because of changes to the "Shared Resources Directory".
We  are looking for a solution to this, and will post under this thread if found.

New in this Release:

  • Updated to Eclipse Juno v4.2.2
  • New skin based on Dojo 1.10.5
    •         New look and feel for the tree browser.
    •         Replacement of the search applet with a search application (to support current browsers that do not support applets).
    •         Advanced search dialog to search by title, type of element, or tag
    •         Optional dropdown navigation menus.
    •         Option to hide the treebrowser and/or breadcrumbs
    •         Improved look and feel on mobile devices.
    •         Supports Internet Explorer 11 and Firefox ESR 52
  • Updated Jazz source control integration (embedded Rational Team Concert client) to version 6.0.5 (requires a 6.0.5 or later Rational Team Concert server).
  • Updated to Java v1.8

Bugs/Defects fixed in this release

  • Drag and drop link creation not working
  • Generate Jazz process template not working
  • Activity diagrams are not getting published in pdf/word publish

Other changes:

  • The older RUP library and published sites are not longer included (superceded by the newer IBM Practices library that includes RUP).
  • Linux is not officially supported.

Known defects in this beta release:

  • Menu items in the user interface are shifted (whitespace needs to be adjusted)
  • Errors when expanding elements configuration view in the browsing perspective (clickinng on the refresh button on the view solves the issue)
  • Others will be posted under this thread when discovered.
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    Re: RMC 7.5.3 beta now available


    Thanks Bruce, just wanted to check when will be general release available for this version.