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Pinned topic IBM V7000 Unified

‏2013-11-14T16:56:50Z |


i have problem Initializing with IBM V7000 Unified storage. following are the Machine Types

Storage M/T: 2076-124

File modules : 2073-720

By mistake I initialized the storage using IBM 2076 (V7000) initialization tool. Actually i have to initialize the storage with V7000 unified initialization tool to initialize the storage.

After that i am not able to initialize the file module because nas.ppk ssh key file for nas is not generated. i used V7000 unified  initialization tool to initialize the file module but didn't work.

how can i solve this. how can re initialize the storage again ? please help.

  • AlexMF
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    Re: IBM V7000 Unified

    ‏2013-11-18T09:08:29Z  in response to ajaynp

    You have two options to proceed:

    1. If you have not yet created any useful configuration on your V7000 (or you are happy to recreate it), you can delete the cluster and put the V7000 back into the right state to start the configuration with the V7000 Unified initialization tool.
    2. If you wish to retain your V7000 configuration, you can use the "up2nas" utility to convert a bllock only V7000 configuration to a V7000 Unified.

    I would suggest that option 1 is slighly easier but both should work fine for you.

    The steps for removing the V7000 cluster configuration (option 1) are documented on the "Procedure: Deleting a system completely" Information Center page:

    The up2nas utility (option 2) and documentation can be found here:

    Hopefully one of those will get you up and running quickly.

    - Alex

    • ajaynp
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      Re: IBM V7000 Unified

      ‏2013-11-18T12:55:37Z  in response to AlexMF

      hi Alex,


      1st option worked fine. thanks for the help