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‏2013-11-26T11:40:35Z | ds3524 hyper-v mpio sas

Hi all,

I'm looking for a bit of guidance on the DS3524 (with SAS connections) and Hyper-V 2012 with regards to MPIO.

I have come from a VMware background and have only worked on iSCSI SANs so this is all new to me.

Firstly the setup...

1 x DS3524 with Dual Controllers using SAS Connections (Hardware ID: 1764 FasTt Firmware:
2 x IBM 3650 M4 with 2 x IBM 6GB SAS HBAs in each
DS Storage Manager Version 10.86.0G05.0035
Windows 2012 Datacenter

What I am having difficulty finding is a definitive guide on how to configure the DS3524 in Windows 2012 (Hyper-V) with SAS connections. I have configured the Array in the DS Storage Manager, created some LUNs, created the Hosts using the Host Port Identifiers on the SAS cards, and mapped the LUNs pretty much as I would have done as if I was setting it up for iSCSI. I have set the Host Operating System to Windows Clustered.

From Windows, I can see the storage in Storage Pools, it shows as Primordial and then I can see the disks I have created when I select it and I can create a virtual disk on it etc. This is now where I am getting a little confused! As there are two SAS connections from each host, I would have thought I would need to setup MPIO and you would with an iSCSI connection. I have installed the DS Storage Manager host software on each host which installs MPIO and I can see the SAN listed in the Device Hardware ID, however when I select the Discover Multi-Paths tab, all the options are greyed out. I can see the 'Add support for SAS devices' checkbox, but cannot select it.

My specific questions are...

1) Do I need to use MPIO for my setup?
2) If not, how is failover handled?
3) Have I selected the correct Host Operating System for the Hosts in DS SM?
4) Is there a guide which explains all this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!




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