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Pinned topic Slow Replication to V3700

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We have a 8202-E4C box that replicated data over to a 8231-E1C with Itera and it worked fine and since we have installed the V3700 to the 8231-E1C the replication runs every slow the box it has never been up to date since installing it. We aren't sure if we need more cache, or we have the volumes are setup wrong.?  Any help would be great I'll give the V3700 config below.

Internal Storage

12 /  837.86GB drives

Canister 1

Active  ?  4Gb Fibre Channel
Active  ?  4Gb


Canister 2

Active  ?  4Gb Fibre Channel
Active  ?  4Gb Fibre Channel

Disk Volumes

64 volumes at  115 GB

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    Re: Slow Replication to V3700


    So its a Host based mirror?

    How much IOPS are we talking about? What is the performance charts showing for IOPS, MBPS and latency?

    And what kind of IOPS? 100% writes?


    12 pcs. 900 GB SAS 10k 2½" drives - How are they configured? Raid 10, Raid 5, Raid 6? Hotspares?

    If configured optimally you cant expect more than about 2000 random IOPS. If its 100% writes that could change stuff alot though.


    Installing more cache will help with IO Peaks, but if the disks behind is too slow to keep up, its not gonna help much. That being said, the cache upgrade for v3700 is very cheap, and worth every penny in most cases.