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Hey all, I've been doing AIX on P and Linux on x86 for a number of years now, but I'm doing my first Linux on P today.  I am trying to setup 2 bonding interfaces with the 4 built in ehea ports.  It's a new Power7 server, RHEL 5.7.  I am trying to bond ports 1 and 3 in one lacp port channel, and ports 2 and 4 in a 2nd port channel to a different vlan.  When I bring up the bond interfaces, I start getting "An illegal loopback occurred on adapter (ethX).  This is the same setup that I have on a intel linux box.  Mode is set to 4 in the modprobe.conf and /proc/net/bonding/bondX shows that the mode is 802.3ad, but those messages keep scrolling on the console and the network guy says he's not seeing lacp from my side.  Any suggestions?  I though this might be some difference with the hardware, since this works fine on my intel box.  Thanks!
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    Re: 802.3ad bonding with ehea

    Hi, Tom!  Everything I've been able to gather says that the EHEA doesn't support link aggregation because of limitations in its built-in switch.  If link aggregation is required, a different ethernet adapter should be used instead.