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My questions are regarding a posted analysis that I have reviewed at!/wiki/Tivoli+Endpoint+Manager/page/Counting+RVUs, Once it has been imported on my IEM deployment I have seen two things I wish someone explain me:

 I have found out that analysis do not count core's number or proccessor's number niether Aix 5.2 nor VMWare ESXi 5, I know that Aix 5.2 TEM version is less that analysis' required version, but I mean that in Aix 5.2 scenario you must to license the acording number of RVU baded on the number of proccesor, Is that correct?. Regarding to VMWare, it was happening the same as Aix 5.2 scenario, the analysis is niether counting WMWare Guest core numbers nor WMWare VM ESX Host core number.

IEM version running on Aix 5.2 is 8.1.634.0

IEM server version running on Windows 2008 R2  is 9.0.835.0

The SUA version running on Windows 2008 R2 is 2.2 patch1(It is version does not support SUA subcapacity license due to that i need this analysis"

The IEM agent version running on WMWare ESXi 5.0 is 9.0.20042.0


Thank you in advance and I hope your comments.


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    Re: Counting RVUs posted analysis


    Did you get an answer to this question, specifically how to retrieve core count (number of cores per socket) on a VMware guest OS ?

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    Re: Counting RVUs posted analysis


    Guests are easy on recent versions:

    To get the total number of cores in a system: 

        (count of it * core of it) of cpupackage

    The proxy agent version you have for ESXi doesn't have those inspectors though, and AIX 5.2 was also retired before those inspectors were added (8.2)

    See the following link for more information on this inspector: