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Pinned topic Specifying other locations in transfer with protocol bridge agent

‏2015-07-24T17:43:32Z | bridge other protocol sites transfer


I have a protocol bridge agent that is working fine. I would like to add additional remote locations to my protocolbridgeproperties.xml, for example:

    <tns:defaultServer name="Site1" />
    <tns:sftpServer name="Site1" host="" platform="UNIX" 
                fileEncoding="UTF8" limitedWrite="false" >

    <tns:sftpServer name="Site2" host="" platform="UNIX" 
                fileEncoding="UTF8" limitedWrite="false" >


I am using Ant to script out my file transfers. My question is: How do I specify the 2nd entry, "Site2", in my Ant script so that the file transfer is occurring on the 2nd site and not the  default site ("Site1")?  

Here is the filemove command I am using:

fte:filemove cmdqm="${cmd.qmgr}" 
                                          src="${srcagent.step1}" dst="${dstagent.step1}"
                                          jobname="${}" rcproperty="move1.rc">
                        <fte:filespec srcfilespec="${src.files.step1}" 
                                                  dstdir="${dst.dir.step1}" overwrite="true"/>



Any insight is appreciated.