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‏2013-07-26T08:55:51Z | cache objectmap serializat​ion


I used serializer sample as an example ( to implement my own key/value serializers. It's clear how to implement this interfaces, however I don't know how to configure objectGrid on the server side. Please notice that I'm a beginner with the eXtreme Scale :)

Running container

./ co1 -objectGridFile objectGridFile.xml -catalogServiceEndPoints localhost:2809 

having objectGridFile.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<objectGridConfig xmlns:xsi=""
                xsi:schemaLocation=" ../objectGrid.xsd"
      <objectGrid name="myGrid">
        <backingMap name="gos" copyMode="COPY_TO_BYTES" lockStrategy="NONE" nullValuesSupported="false" pluginCollectionRef="gos_plugin"/>
      <backingMapPluginCollection id="gos_plugin">
<bean id="myMapSerializer" className="my.package.MyMapSerializer">


public class MyMapSerializer extends BasicMapSerializerPlugin {
public SorMapSerializer() {
        setKeySerializerPlugin(new MyKeySerializer());
        setValueSerializerPlugin(new MyValueSerializer());

I'm getting 

[25/07/13 15:07:20:485 BST] 00000001 Initializatio W   CWOBJ0006W: An exception occurred: Invalid ObjectGrid XML file: file:/home/thomas/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/bin/objectGridFile.xml
[25/07/13 15:07:21:892 BST] 0000001a ProcessLaunch E   CWOBJ2500E: Failed to start ObjectGrid server co1.

I added jar file which contains my plugins implementation to ws_home/lib, also I added classpath to this jar in Environment>Shared Libraries.

Can anyone explain me what I'm doing wrong?

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    Re: How to configure Map Plugin collection


    Solved. Used maven plugin doesn't work as expected, I had incorrectly built the jar file. It works pretty well at the moment, however I'm wondering that my methods implementation using DataDescriptor are correct. Please, can anyone demonstrate me a sample implementation of DataDescriptor inicjalization & inflateDataObjectAttributes(*) method for simple class listed below?

    public class MyClass {

    private String idNumber;

    private Long idVersion;