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Pinned topic Automate PUBLISH function from MO to Campaign

‏2018-03-02T17:12:32Z |

On the Summary Screen in Marketing Operations, there is a button to PUBLISH any changes to Campaign.

We currently have users who forget to publish which causes issues downstream.  We have created a report on the system tables to compare the data but it doesn't catch every change soon enough.

We would like to create a acript to 'push the publish button' if Contact History has not been written.  Has anyone created something like this before?

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    Oleg Ovtsynov
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    Re: Automate PUBLISH function from MO to Campaign



    We use triggers for automatic publication of the offer after receiving all the approvals. I think you want to do something like that.

    Can you write more about your task?

    Oleg Ovtsynov