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Pinned topic How to really make a form in TRIRIGA as SSO?

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We turned on the SSO in our environment. But if we want to connect to one of the form of our system(e.g. http://hostname/html/en/default/platform/mainpage/mainpage.jsp#name=formname), it shows us that we need to login first.

However, if I try to use the link in the email notification that TRIRIGA sent out, it will login and open directly.

I want to know what's the difference of these two methods. Is there a way to open a form directly without login?

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    Re: How to really make a form in TRIRIGA as SSO?


    Because the URL that is being used is an Anchor ( uses the # char to define the parameter) is isn't possible to use that in an SSO environment.  What you need to do is determine what the underlying WebProcess.srv call is to that form. 

    For example, this will open a specific already existing record with specId 3014268:



    This will create a new record with specTypeId 10005241 and GUIID 10013451 - Which happens to be a Capital Project Template: