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Pinned topic IBM 2005-16B fiber switch - serial console cable

‏2013-12-03T08:07:53Z | 16b 2005 console ibm


We have an old switch installed by a supplier a while ago and that we wish to connect a new tape library we bought.
The problem is that no one knows about how the switch were configured. 
I tried to connect through the console without any success.
Made the try with TIA RS-232 straight cable with DB9 connectors => I see nothing on the screen
COM port settings are as follow: 
•Baud: 9600 bps
•Data bits: 8
•Parity: None
•Stop bits: 1
•Flow control: None

I also connected it with an UTP crossover cable, put a IP on my NIC then tried to ping the is the default as stated by IBM/Brocade) but got no echo replies.
I used wireshark to snif what's happening on the line but can only see packets generated from the computer not the switch.

Could you please help? 
Which serial cable/cabling is needed for that kind of switch? 
is there any manner to reset the switch to its factory without access to CLI? 
Is there another way I didn't try that can solve the issue?

Thank you.