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‏2014-01-15T14:07:37Z | data management model modelers multiple versions

I'm working on creating AS-IS and TO-BE Data Models for our project. Multiple Data Modelers are working and we are not able figure-out best way to manage this situation.

We are developing logical model of the existing system and also will soon start on the to-be model. As-Is model will not complete by the time we start on to-be model. so we can use completly baselined version of as-is to develop to-be. how to compare and merge the models in RSA like we use Complete Compare in ERwin and Model Compare in ER Studio.

We are using cloud version of the tool and all the team members are working one workspace and same model. I would like to how do I base line. How to use the RSA Data Modeler, when multiple teams and data modelers are working on the same model?

 Any help regarding this is appreciated.