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Pinned topic Clearing down environments (v11)

‏2014-02-24T12:08:04Z | mdm-migration

We are in the process of building a v11 hybrid installation.

I'd like to understand how we can clear down an environment before a new testing phase starts. We'd need to clear down both VMDM and PMDM of the data from the previous cycle of testing - leaving the static data alone. What would be the steps?

For the data that is mastered in PMDM, can I assume that a DBA should be able to delete data directly from tables as long as RI is taken care of?



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    Re: Clearing down environments (v11)


    You could take a backup of the database just after installation and restore it back when you want to do a fresh start.

    Yes your DBA could possibly delete all the operational tables ( if he has this script handy.)

    I remember seeing some scripts like MADHUBDROP or something similar in the MDM SE ( but that was prior to v11 ) and not sure if its still available.