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Trying to find a guide, article(s), any information - how to leverage Data Explorer with a custom app(lication) written primarily on .NET - or even customizing the front end of Data Explorer to address Customer's specific looks and needs.

Or maybe driving from an existing search Text Window and presenting the data is customer's existing portal or as a widget.  Any information to help understand and solve this will greatly help.  Please advice

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    Re: .NET and Data Explorer


    There are really two places you should start for this topic:


    1) The API Developer's Guide and the code samples, which include C#.  This documents the Data Explorer Engine API for use in integrating a custom application to perform search and display results, clusters, and refinements via SOAP or REST API calls.  You would need to use the BigIndex API for a implementation-transparent Big Data implementation, but let's start with the API that has been used in several OEM implementations with Data Explorer.

    2) The XML Feed, documented in the Data Explorer Engine Users Manual in section 6.1.2. Generating XML for Use as a Feed.  The XML feed can then be consumed by your .NET application so that you can pass searches via a simple REST API and then grab the XML for result documents, the cluster tree, and so on.

    I'm not sure of the details of your intended implementation of course, so feel free to follow-up either here or, if substantial analysis is required, through the IBM Support Portal so my team can be engaged on the question.