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‏2014-06-25T16:14:01Z | change dsm storage

I have a couple of questions regarding a reconfiguration of storage on a Bladecenter S.  

1) In the user defined configuration option, are all user configurations validated before saving? In other words, am I prevented from creating a configuration that is invalid?  For example:  When I initially configured the BCS, I only had one blade and configured the storage so that all 6 drives in SM1 were assigned to Blade 1.  I now have additional blades and have added another SM and 6 disks.  I created a user defined configuration that assigned the 6 disks in SM1 to blade 1 (as it originally was)  and then I assigned 3 disks in SM2 to one blade and 3 disks in SM2 to another blade.  So would that be valid ? (no errors when I saved it so I assumed it was).


2) If I apply the above user defined config to the SAS connectivity module, will I lose data or have to reinstall data on Blade 1 ? (which currently has all disks in SM1 assigned to it and afterwards would have the same 6 drives assigned to it).  I *think* it will be OK but I am not sure.