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Pinned topic Problems with Activity Diagrams

‏2013-05-04T10:24:24Z |

So far I only have been using state charts. Code generation and animation works fine.

Now I try to use activity diagrams but I fail hopelessly. Especially animation is not working.
I attached the debugger and animation starts. Calls in actions hit some Debugger breakpoints.
But for some reason animation right in the middle of the animation diagram stops. Rhapsody
then says "in idle state" although there still are some actions to do (no guards - just control flow).

Other observations I made:
1) the whole Thing only seems to work in SysML Profile (Default didn't work)
2) Actions seem to really need a content (e.g. function call) - this is in contrast to
    state charts where I can have countless (empty = no ingoing/outgoing action) states
    connected with NULL transitions.

BTW: I already googled all the stuff like "deactivate Analysis-only", and of course I turned
on "Animation" in the configuration.

Can anyone please give a TODO-list showing the steps to follow so AD Animation really is

I am using Rhapsody 8.0.2, activity diagram should be token oriented.

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