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‏2014-07-17T08:46:23Z | hs21 ibm issue server

Dear Team,

We are facing some problem at one of our client site and we need your kind assistance to resolve the issue.


The customer is using IBM HS21 servers. All servers are configured as Boot from SAN. Yesterday, One of their HS21 FC expansion card had gone faulty and we replaced it with the new FC expansion card. Now the issue is , the WWN's of new FC expansion card are not being seen on SAN (DS4700).

As per our understanding, maybe there is  some FC expansion card firmware compatibility issue with DS4700.

You are requested to kindly check below information and  help us to diagnose the root cause of the issue.

Server & HBA detail

HS21      8853-G1G
Q logic ( HBA) FRU # 26R0893 & PN # 26R0892

Faulty HBA

Qlogic HBA Firmware is 4.00.13
Qlogic bios 1.04 

Qlogic HBA Firmware is 4.0.18
Qlogic HBA bios 1.12 

IBM DS4700 Detail

IBM DS4700                                   1814-70H

Firmware version:                       

NVSRAM version:                           N1814D470R960V06 


Javid noor