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Pinned topic PLEASE READ: Maintenance window Friday October 18th starting at 8:00PM EST for (on-ramp yellow zone)

‏2013-10-15T16:34:41Z |

The CloudFirst factory server racks that host the OpenStack for on-ramp yellow will be moved from building 902 to 901 at the Austin site this weekend.

All services in the lab will be unavailable after Friday October 18 at 8pm ET. Services will available again before Monday October 21 at 9am ET.

All cloud resources in the lab will be unavailable during these times. A note will be sent if either the move completes sooner than the reserved window.


If you need access to any static data in the lab during this window, please make plans to copy it now.

You will be responsible for suspending or shutting down any instances that require special procedures prior to Friday October 18th at 8PM ET.  Likewise, after the outage you will be responsible for bringing these instances up using any special procedures that they may require.  We will properly shut down all OpenStack and supporting services including, but not limited to: Nova Network, Cinder Volume, LibVirt, etc. 

After the outage, please check your cloud resources to ensure they resumed properly.

If you have questions or run into issues, please post them to the forum in the CloudFirst Factory community