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Pinned topic Cognos Express 10.1 pauses during installation on "Initializing Content Store"

‏2013-09-22T14:33:04Z |

Hi All,


As the title suggests, I am trying to install Cognos Express 10.1 and it pauses during installation displaying the following text:

"Installing... Configuring Cognos Express - Initializing Content Store".

It appears the icognosexpress user and Cognos Admin user group have already been created at this stage.

Has been left to it's devices for several hours. The installer is clearly not frozen as I can drag it around and interact with it, but Task Manager shows little to no CPU usage.

TM1 has previously been installed but was uninstalled and rebooted prior to this install.

Machine is Windows 7 64-bit with 32GB RAM on a corporate network/machine.

Files have been downloaded from developer site and have been tested on a VM on the same machine (although having a separate 'SDK-ERR-0156' error which has led me down this road.

Any advice or help appreciated - let me know if any more information is needed.