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Pinned topic TM1 .NET API Issue with TM1MDXView()

‏2014-04-30T10:36:14Z | .net api tm1

Hi All,

Now it has been an year working with .NET TM1 API's for various projects, but one question that stills troubles me in my sleeps is the ;) is the "FILTER" keyword that does not work while creating a dynamic view using TM1MDXView() for creating a dynamic view at runtime.

The issue is that there is no documentation on it anywhere fom IBM or anyone alse, but ehile creating my MDX queries if I use "FILTER" anywhere in my MDX it gives me a runtime error.

I have read multiple blogs for creating the MDX queries but none of them explains as to how TM1 parses the MDX queries when fired using the TM1MDXView() method.

So if anyone could help me with this it would be of a great help!!!!1

Thanks in Advance!!!! 

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