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Pinned topic WAS Express, Liberty Profile, and Software Access Catalog

‏2013-12-26T14:57:25Z |

I currently have Liberty Profile for Developers running on a Windows machine but for deployment licensing purposes I need to use the Liberty Profile from WAS Express.  I am trying to find the latest version in the IBM Software Access Catalog but cannot find what I think is the latest version.  I do not want to download the entire eAssembly but would rather have the part numbers I need to install this.  Does anyone have the part numbers I would need for things like:


a)  WAS Express Liberty Profile

b) Installation Manager

c) Plugins

d) IBM SDK 7 (I am currently testing with Oracle 7 but think it would be better to use IBM's?)


Other questions related to this:


1) I do not need to install WAS Express Base, correct?  I only need the Liberty Profile.

2) I already have WAS 8.0 Plugins installed - do I need to uninstall them and then install the 8.5.5.x plugin?

3) I read somewhere that if I use Installation Manager to install Liberty Profile I will need to continue to use Installation Manager to apply Fixpacks moving forward.  That's fine, but once LP is installed with my application I plan on using the package command to build the zip so I can unzip this at other customer sites.  At the customer site I do not plan on using the Installation Manager - I was just planning on unzipping and changing some config items.  Is this ok?

4) Related to #3 above, when I update my application and package it again, I plan on wiping out the customer's installation of LP and my app and then doing the same steps as #3 above.  I can safely do this using the WAS Express version of Liberty Profile, right?


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • Alasdair
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    Re: WAS Express, Liberty Profile, and Software Access Catalog

    ‏2013-12-26T15:18:58Z  in response to MyScreen2

    I think the part numbers are:

    a) WAS Express Liberty profile IM repository - CIMT9ML
    b) Installation Manager for linux - 
    CIK22ML  the part number varies based on platform so if you need a different platform the part number will be different, windows is CIK26ML.
    c) I think you need the suppliments IM repository for this. The part numbers are: 
    d) The part numbers for the JVM IM repository is: CIUC7ML, CIUC8ML, CIUC9ML

    Onto your other questions:

    1) Assuming that by WAS Express Base you mean the WAS Express full profile then you are correct you don't need to install full profile.
    2) I'm not aware of any reason why this wouldn't work, no changes were made to the web server plugin to support the Liberty profile, but we haven't tested that combination. I can try to find a more complete answer after the holidays.
    3) Once you use the package command the resulting install from the package command can be serviced either using our archive service approach, or you can apply service to your original IM install and then distribute a whole new zip for the application. You cannot IM service the install created from a packaged server.
    4) Yes

    Incidentally if you are an IBM business partner then there are some programs that might interest you. They are available from the PartnerWorld website.

    I hope this answers your questions.

    • MyScreen2
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      Re: WAS Express, Liberty Profile, and Software Access Catalog

      ‏2014-01-02T12:56:43Z  in response to Alasdair

      Again, thank you so much for the information - I was on the right track but you have confirmed it all for me.

  • drmccrossin
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    Re: WAS Express, Liberty Profile, and Software Access Catalog

    ‏2014-01-15T20:44:08Z  in response to MyScreen2

    I have a follow up question to this. When I install the Liberty Express profile indicated above, using Installation Manager, IM indicates that this is a 32 bit version of the software (I am installing this onto 64bit Windows 7).  Is this correct?  Is there a 64bit version for Winddows?