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‏2013-07-11T12:28:54Z |

I'm trying to calculate the difference (in days) between two dates from a CQ VB script:

 Dim firstDate
 Dim secondDate
 Dim result

 SetFieldValue "Date_Current", now ()
 firstDate = GetFieldValue ("Date_Threat").GetValue()
 secondDate = GetFieldValue ("Date_Current").GetValue()
 result = DateDiff(firstDate, secondDate)
 SetFieldValue("DaysToThreat"), result

CQ doesn't use DateDiff (in the script format that I'm using).

Is there a way I can calculate the difference in CQ? I'm a beginner.

Thanks in advance. JDD223

  • DonaldN
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    Re: DifferenceDate

    ‏2013-07-12T01:00:19Z  in response to JDD23

    What do you mean by saying "CQ doesn't use DateDiff"? Did you get an error?

    Essentially, do you realize that you are dealing with VBScript, not CQ? The way you used DateDiff() was incorrect, it should have been - result = DateDiff("d", firstDate, secondDate).

    More examples can be found here:

    • JDD23
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      Re: DifferenceDate

      ‏2013-07-12T13:02:44Z  in response to DonaldN

      Thanks again DonaldN.  I was under the impression that the CQ API does not accept all VBScript. 

      Since I'm not a programmer, I use a lot of trial and error and when the script doesn't perform I chalk it up to my inability to properly script (as I stated in my initial inquiry). 

      I had first tried a script example that did use "days" but that didn't work.  

      I searched for additional examples and found one that used "d" and calulates for business days.  My resultant script:

       Dim dates
       Dim datec
       Dim totald

       SetFieldValue "Date_Current", now ()
       dates = GetFieldValue("Date_Current").GetValue()
       datec = GetFieldValue("Date_Threat").GetValue()
       If dates = "" or datec = "" Then
       Else totald = DateDiff("d", dates, datec)- _
       DateDiff("ww", dates, datec, crSaturday)- _
       DateDiff("ww", dates, datec, crSunday)
       SetFieldValue "Days_Difference", totald
       End If

      Thanks DonaldN for your support to this forum and my questions!