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One of our requirement is to display windrose graphs for the average wind speed.

Since we need web deployment, Im using the jsf chart components.

We need to display one windrose graph for each of dataset(basically for ex it is for one plant data), So if there are 3 datasets, I need to come up with one polar chart  for each dataset.

The approach I am trying is to build a list of IlvFaces polar chart  with their respective data and  display them using jsf:datatable.Each row(column) will have a chartView  whose chart is retrieved from the list ) When I try this only the first chart is getting displayed and not others, Also the chartView doesn't allow dynamic value for its id attribute which I think could be the issue.


<h:dataTable border="1"  value="#{wrReportBean.chartList}" var="chartListVar">
                    <h:column id="column1">
                            <jvcf:chartView chart="#{chartListVar.chart}"  style="width:500px;height:400px;" />

Please let me know if this is the right approach, or any other better approach.

Im a newbie to the JViews product and really appreciate any help on this.




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    Re: Multiple Polar Charts


    Though I am incapable of offering any help here, I have to say I am quite attracted by the polar chart making thing. I don't have much experience on the using of jsf chart components, however, in speaking of the chart making, don't know if some UI chart components can be of some assistance here or not. Hope you lucky you to get your problem solved soon.