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‏2013-05-15T06:29:34Z | approver(aura) astin request universal

AURA (ASTIN UNIVERSAL REQUEST APPROVER) is a simple tool designed specifically for MAXIMO, to function as out of Maximo Environment Solution, which provisions to route workflows and approve Tickets (SR, Incidents, and Problems), offerings, Change, Assets, Work Orders, Purchase Orders etc., in different MAXIMO flavors according to the workflow design.
Solution is available as

1. Mobile Applications
2. SMS based solution

It works with all the smart  phones available in the market.

 AURA works as Add-On software that expedite the approval process in all the flavors of MAXIMO i.e. SCCD, EAM, TSRM, Transportation, Oil & Gas, Utility, Real Estate etc. MAXIMO Users receive all the instruction (Actions) required to complete the MAXIMO workflow assignments on their phone via SMS or in Mobile App. Users can respond to that SMS or respond via Mobile App to route the workflow to the next level.