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Pinned topic replacing raid drives with higher capacity drives

‏2013-06-27T18:54:26Z | 6m ibm serveraid x226

I have an ibm x226 with a serveraid 6m scsi controller, there are 3 raid arrays comprising 2x 73.8gb drives each, this server is a file and print server. All 3 arrays are nearly full. All files have been backed up to an external hard drive. I have purchased 2x 146gb drives and want to replace the existing 73.8gb array (C drive) with a 146gb array. I will reinstall the OS and configure, then move all the data back onto the array. Is the easiest way to switch off the server and just replace the drives switch back on and create a new array of 146gb? Or do I have to mark the old array drives as defunct and then replace them? I believe if I replace the drives one at a time after rebuilding I will still have a 73.8gb array using 146gb drives. In a nutshell I want to increase the C drive size.