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Pinned topic Synergy Performance is Slow

‏2014-02-27T06:41:13Z |

Synergy Performance is Slow


Suddenly from almost 3 months all the users are facing performace issue.


Syenrgy is openning very slowly. and they frequently get message"Lost connection and attempting to reconnect" and " All Connections Restored"


Can any one please help me on fixing this.




  • SwethaRajagopal
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    Re: Synergy Performance is Slow

    ‏2014-03-04T14:57:33Z  in response to roh1

    Which version of Synergy is it and on which server are you facing the issue?

  • PearlVijay
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    Re: Synergy Performance is Slow

    ‏2014-03-10T05:24:46Z  in response to roh1

    Under what circumstances do your users experience "slow performance"?

    - is it while using a particular mode of operation? Traditional, Java or Web mode(if only on  web mode, have you tried restarting the web server since this behavior was noticed) ? 

    - is it while doing a copy/reconcile/update/refresh of a project? Does it happen with projects that are large in size? Or is it irrespective of size?

    - is it after opening synergy sessions, leaving them idle for a long time and then trying to run an operation on these sessions?

    - is it experienced by remote users connected via VPN?

    The process communication in Synergy is relatively simple. Once a connection is established between 2 processes, for example, between the router and ccm_server, or the object registrar to the client: and then the connection is lost, the process with the vested interest in contacting the other other detects the "lost connection".It will then retry a number of times to reconnect. if it continues to fail after a certain number of retries then it gives up.

    There may be a timing issue at play as well, where one client may be successful at reconnecting and the other isn't able to. Is that's what's observed at your environment?

    Are there any telling messages in the objreg.log file under $CCM_HOME/log on the server from around the time of such "lost connection" episodes?

    Have you checked for any network issues? Any changes/ tweeks done by the IT team? Any firewall issues that you can check for?

    Since it appears that the connection is eventually restored by the "All connections restored" message, how long does it take for the connection to be restored? You can check the server logs for the information recorded during this time gap and see if anything strikes in terms of "lost connection"

    As you've mentioned that the clients are seeing these messages; the first place to check is the ccm_client.log and then synergy.log.

    I would like to refer you to the following document if you notice a "java.lang.OutOfMemory" error:


     Hope this helps.
    • Cynthiawang
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      Re: Synergy Performance is Slow

      ‏2014-03-10T06:04:58Z  in response to PearlVijay

      The 2 questions Roh asked has one common possible cause, which is networking problem.

      If it is possible, wireshark is an useful tool to help you tracing the network status.