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Pinned topic HATS Plugin Download

‏2013-08-12T15:38:08Z |


I have RDZ 9.0 and want to install the HATS plugin.

I've downloaded from this link:

HATS but it won't install because RDZ itself is not enough and it sais I need one of the following:

IBM Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software

IBM Rational Software Architect for WebSphere Software

IBM Rational Developer for i for SOA Construction

IBM Rational Business Developer

IBM Integration Developer

which I don't have.

Where can I download the HATS version that is compatible with RDZ 9.0 and doesn't need anything else?

  • bonils
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    Re: HATS Plugin Download

    ‏2013-08-29T05:48:15Z  in response to EranLotan

    Hello !

    HATS plugin is still on v8.5 and runs on an older Eclipse (v3.6) while RDz , RAD ... is on v 9.0 and runs on Eclipse v4.2.

    There are currently two reason that will stop you from installing HATS plugin 8.5 on RDz v9:

    - Eclipse version

    - the lack of WTE (WebSphere Test Environment) and Java/Web tooling

    In other words even when HATS will catch up to v9 you still have to have any of the products you listed - RDz does not

    anymore have prereq to and contain RAD or RBD


    Bo Nilsson

    Software Group

    IBM Sweden

  • walexand
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    Re: HATS Plugin Download

    ‏2013-10-03T15:06:58Z  in response to EranLotan

    HATS v9.0 is available.  Please see the following:

    As Bo mentioned previously, HATS requires features that are in RAD, RBD, etc, but that are not in RDz, so you will need one of those products.