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Could anyone provide details on the below? Trying to see WSRR capabilities to use it.Thanks in advance!


1. Does WSRR integrate with ESBs? Not just IBM ESB.Other ESBs as well? How easy or difficult is the integration?

2. Does WSRR integrate with runtime Governance tools? With what runtime Governance tools does it integrate well?

3. Can WSRR be integrated with Layer 7? What support is provided in this area?

4.What features that WSRR provides for API SDLC Governance capabilities?

5.Does WSRR provide capabilities for restless service SDLC Governance?Do I need to do customization?

6. Also,would like to know what the product doesn't offer or missing?


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    1. DataPower, IIB and WESB can talk to WSRR with provided function. Other ESBs would need custom mediation code which calls the WSRR public APIs (EJB, SOAP, REST) to get the required info. IBM does not ship code for other ESBs, but customers have implemented such code on for example Fuse ESB.

    2. No.

    3. WSRR does not provide out of the box integration with Layer 7. Again you would need to use any exits in Layer 7 to code against the WSRR public APIs.

    4. WSRR provides a REST model and as such you can register REST services (APIs) into WSRR. You can track consumers of such REST services and which other services they consume.

    5. Yes customization would be required to govern non-REST or Web Service services. The REST model is a good example of using objects in WSRR purely to model a service.

    6. It's hard to answer this without some specific requirements. WSRR does not, for example, support WSDL2 or WADL.