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Pinned topic Parsing Ericsson ASN w/o Using TEDA

‏2013-10-17T03:15:02Z | 3 asn ericsson parsing streams

Good day everyone!

Just a quick question, has anyone tried parsing Ericsson ASN files in Streams 3 without using TEDA? How did you guys handle sequences, enumerations, and choices?

I am currently creating a parser for AIR and SDP with the assumption that it will be in the usual ASN-notation (not Binary). Parsing the files are quite simple though I'm pretty sure I won't be saying the same thing if it happens that I should be parsing binary files. The client has yet to give me sample data  and I only have the basic CDR parameter list to work with.

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    Re: Parsing Ericsson ASN w/o Using TEDA


    Hi Jase,

    I think you should be able to come to a parser following the

    descriptions in the Information Center under the Telco Accelerator

    (Implementing a parser).

    The parser outputs a stream of decoded CDR data tuples and that

    is not TEDA specific.


    Kind regards