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I've just started to translate ILOG Solve 4.4 code to Concert technology and I

can't figure yet the right way to functionally define a variable from an expression

without specifying its bounds. It seems that my closest try would be to declare

a variable without providing its bounds and bind it with a constraint afterwards :


 IloIntVar v(env);

model.add (v == expr);


but the default bounds of the IloIntVar constructor are 0 and IloIntMax, so it

wouldn't be correct if the expression could be negative. Any hint on the subject ?


Best regards,


-- Nicolas Barnier


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  • Philippe_Refalo
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    Re: IloIntVar from IloIntExpr


    Hi Nicolas,

    There is no other way than adding an equation, but the bounds on the variable need to be -IloIntMax, IloIntMax, like this : IloIntVar v(env, -IloIntMax, IloIntMax).



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