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Pinned topic Max number of CPUs per VM on PowerLinux

‏2014-03-27T16:25:34Z |

Hello community,

I would need to know the max number of CPUs I can configure for a VM hosting Linux on Power7 servers.

Suse 11SP3 : 1024 logical CPUs

Redhat 6.4 : 128 logical CPUs

First question : it is unclear wether they are speaking of threads or Virtual CPUs. My guess is threads, with STM4 on, therefore divide by 4 for vCPUs

Second question : so RedHat is not as capable as Suse on this aspect ?

Thanks for your thoughts,


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    Re: Max number of CPUs per VM on PowerLinux


    Hardware threads do get enumerated as logical CPUs to the OS. You are correct.

    As for your other question, SLES has run on larger systems longer, but that's really an artificial limit based on test resources. You can build generic Linux kernels to support more if you were so inclined. You, of course lose support there though.