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I am trying to create a project (c#, .net) where I can start running SQL's targeting my Informix database directly without the client sdk being installed on the machine.

I know there are a set of managed and unmanaged dlls that are the dependencies I will have to counter with.

Is there any way I could get to as close as possible to a xcopy deployment solution for my .net application?

I don't mind running regsvr32 commands / .reg files prior to the setup, I just don't want to go through the msi installer and want to controller the deployment.

I am guessing the rest of the configuration like the host, protocol, service, etc can be defined in the .config file.


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    Re: Informix Client SDK (XCopy deployment)


    The Informix .NET Provider has dependency on Informix ODBC driver.
    If you could get dependency resolved for these two runtime modules then it may work.
    High chance of getting success if you provide all information through ADO.NET connection string otherwise it would have got it from registry.
    Good luck.