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I have a special request, that I really don't know how to handle effectively.
I have some requirements that I imported into DOORS using CSV file.

The main issue is that i need to insert images from a location in the imported text.
I was able to complete it using a script (oleInsert). it worked out perfectly, but the issue is that if the object has multiple image references, it replaces the inserted image.

The other issue is that i need to place the image in the exact place, where the reference. The (Oleinsert) insert the image, at the end of the text.

Another issue, is that i need to display the OLE as an image, not an icon, but is not working.

If there is a way to emulate the double click and select a specific location in the object, will be welcome.

Any clues are welcome.

  • GregM_dxler
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    Re: Object Text DXL Edit In-Place

    ‏2013-07-01T19:48:42Z  in response to d_perez


    I too have tried to figure out how to insert OLEs in places other than at the end.  I couldn't find any such ability in dxl.  I thought that if I knew where to put it, then I could cut and save the text after the OLE, replace the OLE and then paste the saved text back in.  Seems like a grunt method though.  The only way I have seen where you can find where the ole is, is by taking rtf chunks and using the isOle.  Unless you look at the richtext codes to match them up.

    The oleInsert command works for me to put it in as an image and not an icon.  I'm using  You may want to check to see if the module is set to display the OLE image (Show Picture?).  Could that be an issue?  Seems to me somebody mentioned about problems with OLEs that are too big, size wise, but I don't remember the specifics.

    Sorry I couldn't help more.  Hopefully this gives a few clues to ponder.


    • d_perez
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      Re: Object Text DXL Edit In-Place

      ‏2013-07-03T20:57:06Z  in response to GregM_dxler

      Thanks Greg. I will review your approach and see if is reachable.

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