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I would like to access Teradata from my Websphere Message Broker. It is my understanding that we have to use JDBC, and that ODBC is not supported. Can anyone please give me any pointers on how to set this up ? What little I have found says that I need a JDBC type 4 driver. So far all of my database access from Broker has been with ODBC, I am not familiar with JDBC, or type 4 drivers ( whatever they are ). Do I need a driver ? The other databases which I access ( using ODBC ) all use drivers, they are identified in the odbc.ini file.

Any help would be much appreciated. I am running Broker on AIX 6.1, with WMQ 7.0.1., and DB2/client 9.7.

Thanks !

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    Re: Teradata from WMB


    I believe you have already received this information, but we will post it here for the sake of others.

    It is true that Teradata is not currently on the list of supported databases for ODBC connections.
    Connectivity via JDBC was formerly impossible, until the release of APAR IC80701 in fixpacks and

    Currently, there is an outstanding issue with Teradata connections via JDBC.
    It is being tracked and resolved via APAR IC90239, and the fix should be included for


    With regards to JDBC drivers for use with WMB, these should be obtained from the database provider.