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Pinned topic Probelm to install CTE8.0.1.1 eclipse plugin

‏2014-02-18T18:50:25Z |

Hi All,

I have installed standalone eclipse 3.6.0 and GEF. Tried to install the CTE plugin and it is throwing error to connect to the repository.

Error: Unable to read repository at https://server1/ccrc/update//content.xml

Exception: org.eclipse.equinox.p2.core.ProvsionException.

Have anyone seen this issue?



  • Jim Burke
    Jim Burke
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    Re: Probelm to install CTE8.0.1.1 eclipse plugin


    Hi Jose

    Just to get some clarification on the issue:

    -Are you installing the CTE  into "standalone eclipse" as mentioned, or into RSA or RAD which also uses eclipse.

    -Are you installing the CTE using IBM Installation Manager or going through "Help->Install New Software" in the eclipse shell.



  • Avinash_S
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    Re: Probelm to install CTE8.0.1.1 eclipse plugin


    Hello Jose,

    Good day.

    From the Eclipse IDE, you need to connect to the CCRC WAN serevr as "http://CCRCWanServerHost/ccrc/update/" to include it as the repository.
    Where "CCRCWanServerHost" stands for the Hostname of your CCRC WAN server.
    From the error message it looks like you have included a wrong repository link.
    Basically you need to follow the steps as mentioned in the following Tech doc for installing the CTE plugin to an eclipse IDE:

    Avinash S