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Pinned topic VFlow Deployment in a Large Virtualized Environment

‏2016-05-16T20:54:38Z |

We are deploying QRadar VFlow collector for a customer who has a VMWare ESXi cluster with around 29 ESXi hosts, each having its 2 VSwitches but they are all managed from a central console.


We have a single VFlow license and it appears that it is clearly insufficient since a VFlow can connect to only 4 vswitches (of which only 3 can be used for data). However, since each host may have 2-3 vswitches (which means atleast a total of around 60 vswitches), do we then need 20 vflow servers to collect vflow data?


Appreciate if someone can comment on how deployments have been done for large virtualization environments? It does not seem reasonable to require 20 VFlow devices (both in terms of resources and licenses) to capture flow data from the virtual infrastructure. In my case the customer is not using Distributed switch.


Also Vflows be captured by a Vflow collector on a separate ESXi host that the one where the vswitch resides?


Please advise!




  • MohsinJaved
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    Re: VFlow Deployment in a Large Virtualized Environment



    Any update on other than VMWare virtual environment supports for VFlow.

    One of our client needs to monitor virtual flows of Microsoft Hyper V. Help in this regard is required.



    Mohsin Javed