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‏2014-05-13T13:48:57Z | when?

Hi are there any plans to include testing for Cross-Site Framing, depending on the type of application this can be a serious issue.

Currently been using User defined tests to do this but Appscan Standard will not save them, they are removed each time.

The still holds the entries but Appscan does not load them on startup, dissapointing to have to delete the and recreate for each scan.

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    Re: Cross-Site Framing




    if there's a specific Variant you'd like added you should log an RFE with the AppScan development team here:


    Regarding the issue with the custom tests on restart that sounds like some problem in your environment possibly, I cant reproduce in AppScan 9x.  If you can't find the cause you should open a pmr with IBM Support.