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Pinned topic Ccase 5 running in a Solaris 8 non global (local) zone - Help!

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We recently had a failure with our physical server running Solaris 8/clearcase5 and have re-imaged the setup onto a Solaris 8 Branded non-global zone.

The clearcase daemon wont start now because I think that the kernel module that is being started won't work within a local zone....

Please could someone clarify whether there are any solutions to this....?

  • Does the clearcase have to be installed in the global zone? - this is a problem for us as it's a shared service and we can't affect the global zone...
  • Will later versions of ccase work correctly in a local zone (and will they work okay with Solaris 8). We can't really move to later OS versions as we'll have to recut other licence keys, etc and there are other depedencies.
  • What's the minimum version of ccase that i can safely upgrade to to get this to work.
  • Ideally, are there any tricks to make this work with Solaris 8/ccase 5?

Any guidance with this would be much appreciated.