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‏2013-06-26T22:59:32Z | 8.3 8.5 rdz websphere

Hi All,

My agency is in the process of upgrading our desktops to the newer/faster versions. The first of my users has RDz 8.0.3 installed on his old desktop with WAS plugin.


I downloaded RDz 8.5 and installed WAS 8.0 for him, but his RDz client is not recognizing WAS. In the old machine, his RDz is connected to WAS.

How can I make the install and upgrade less painful for the user? Is there a way I can copy the configuration from his old machine to his new machine? I understand that the different versions might be an issue, unless I upgrade his old RDz to 8.5 as well..

He is the very first person on the Dev team to get a new machine. Others are not going to upgrade till they can see how the install went on his machine, so I need to get this figured out.

Oh - Dev is on Win 7 Professional.


Thank you in advance for all your help


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    Re: RDz configuration



    did you get this sorted out?   I suspect what might be happening here is some confusion over the repackaging that occurred for RDz 8.5.  

    Your RDz 8.0.3 version was likely an offering known back then as RDz with Java.  This offering essentially installed 2 products, RDz and RAD together as one.  Rational Applcation Developer is the tooling for WAS.  

    For RDz 8.5 we changed our packaging, so you likely have an offering known as RD for zEnterprise. This is a bundling of products, which includes RDz, RAD and others, but does not install them all by default. It is up to you to install them together if you desire.

    I hope this helps.