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Pinned topic Finding time and making output in OPL

‏2013-06-16T16:16:48Z | cplex



I have two questions. first I want to send the reports and solution of my model to a text file (or any other file) automatically by the software, after it solved the problem.

Second, I want to know how can I find the below times:

1- time to get the first LP bound

2-time to the best solution (for the first time)


Thank you very much

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    Re: Finding time and making output in OPL


    If you want to to it directly from an OPL model (that is not use any of the C++, Java or .NET API), then you should put a Javascript execute block as a post processing statement and use the IloOplOutputFile object.

    For the 2nd answer, either the JS IloCplex object has the needed methods, either you have to do an external Java call and use the Java CPLEX object.