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Pinned topic MQ CD versus LTS - Software 9.0.1 availability

‏2017-02-28T05:30:30Z | cd

Hi Team,


I have accessed the IBM passport advantage website and have identified a possible issue for our delivery. Our Project delivery for MQ v9.0.x.x will be using MQ LTS for long term support and stability rather
than CD which is continuous delivery edition (possibly unstable for our usage due to product enhancements). The issue I have is that I can only download MQ v9.0.1 CD edition and not the LTS edition. I have

enterprise licensing access to the MQ software stack as I have been able to download most of all versions of MQ server before but in this case I don't have access to LTS.


Is this an issue with my passport advantage access or has the product binaries not yet been released?