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Pinned topic How to schedule execution of JCL job with DB2 administrative task scheduler.

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Hello all.

I am looking for a way to schedule housekeeping jobs for DB2 on our z/OS site. We do not have OPC installed and I am looking to do it  by means of DB2  administrative task scheduler. We have DB2 9.01.5 and z/OS 01.11.

I have not much experience in DB2 administration and no experience with scheduler at all. Trying to find and answer in IBM documentation. According to what I can see on the page

task scheduler can submit the job to JES from given pds according to the schedule and control results of it's execution, but from information on this page I can not find a clue how to arrange this task and add it to scheduler.

Appreciate any help with explanation on how to do that or links to documentation where it is explained in detail.

At the moment I was able to find only that the new task can be added to scheduler with ADMIN_TASK_ADD procedure. But on the page

I can see only parameters to schedule stored procedure, not JCL job from given PDS.

I see that is possible run JCL using ADMIN_JOB_SUBMIT supplied stored procedure, but it requires the JCL job to be stored in DB2 table. This way does not look elegant in my case when I have ready jobs in PDS.

Thanks in advance for help!



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    Re: How to schedule execution of JCL job with DB2 administrative task scheduler.


    Looks like I have found the answer myself in PDF version of Administration Guide on page 380. Chapter 14, Scheduling administrative tasks.

    It shows alternative syntaxs for ADMIN_TASK_ADD for scheduling the job from PDS.

    For my case the call can look like:
    CALL SYSPROC.ADMIN_TASK_ADD (user-ID,passwd,begin-timestamp,end-timestamp,max-invocations,null,point-intime,null,null,null,DB2-SSID,null,null,null,JCL-library,JCL-member,job-wait,task-name,description,return-code,message)