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‏2013-02-19T17:49:49Z | idr-cdc

I am running CDD source is oracle and target is Netezza.   Each night around 9 pm the heartbeat times out and turns all subscriptions inactive.  If I stop the CDD Netezza instance and start it then I can continue mirroring.  Otherwise all jobs will go inactive.   There are limited commands in the CDD bin so I'm not sure which ones I should use.


If this question has already been asked I apologize.  


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    Re: Restart CDD thought a script

    It looks like a regular operational procedure is closing down the target database. This puts the CDC Netezza instance in an inoperative state so you will need to stop and restart the instance to recover.
    You will need to schedule a script on the source to execute the dmendreplication command, then execute dmshutdown on the target. The activity on Netezza is completed and you can then restart the instance on the target and then execute dmstartmirror on the source.
    If you want to co-ordinate all this through a single script, you can install the Access Server on the CDC for Netezza server, and then use a Java program, or the Management Console commands batch scripting method called from a shell script to perform the actions,
    It is not possible to end replication using commands in the target engine bin directory, only on the source or through the GUI, interactively or in a script