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‏2013-05-17T13:37:11Z | liberty

I'm experimenting with the Liberty Profile (8.5.Next) by attempting to convert an existing WAS 6.1 application that has JMS client operations.

My configuration:

  • Eclipse Juno
  • Web Development Tools including WebSphere Application Sever V8.5 Tools - Liberty Profile - 9.0.0.v20130309_0630
  • Liberty Profile - wlp-
  • WLP Extended features - (from
  • Oracle 7 JVM
  • Windows 7

I've added the following features to my server

  • ejbLite-3.1
  • jmsMdb-3.1
  • wasJmsClient-1.1
  • wasJmsServer-1.0 (but I don't think I need it)
  • wmqJmsClient-1.1 (but I don't think I need it)

I have NOT yet configured any of the JMS resources, data sources, etc.  I'm expecting the start-up to fail, but cannot add the application to server.

I've been successful in migrating the projects to JEE 6.0 and I'm ready to add my enterprise application.  When I attempt this (right click server --> 'Add and Remove' --> select App and Add --> Finish I get the following error.

Application myApp (myWebApp) requires feature 'jmsMessaging', which is not supported by WebSphere Application Server V8.5 Liberty Profile.


I have found documentation for version 8.5  that indicates that jmsMessaging and jmsServer are available features.  However, with the Liberty 8.5.Next version the JMS features available are jmsMdb, wasJmsClient, wasJmsServer, wmqJmsClient and wasJmsSecurity.

My questions are:

  1. Is my configuration valid?  Do I have the right versions of each component?
  2. Is the error caused by having no JMS configuration in the server.xml?
  3. What is the trigger in the code that makes it think jmsMessaging is required?  Or why isn't the wasJmsClient feature a replacement for jmsMessaging?


Thanks for your advice.


  • AlexMulholland
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    Re: Liberty Profile and JMS


    Hi Dan,

    I'm afraid this is a bug in the beta 2 driver.  The server should work outside the tools environment, but if you want to stick with the tools you could try using the attached file as a possible workaround… use it to replace the file of the same name in your eclipse   <workspace>\.metadata\.plugins\\<runtime name>\  directory (backup and save the existing file in case this doesn't work).

    Regards, Alex.